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For general information about NPM/DC, please contact Amy Massey, our interim Chapter Director.


For information about NPM/DC membership, or to check on your current membership status, please contact Remi Bauer, our Membership Coordinator.



Chapter membership forms and registration forms for NPM/DC events that are not jointly sponsored with the Arlington Chapter (check registration form to be sure, and note the registration deadline) should be mailed to:


1218 Duncan Place NE
Washington, DC  20002


To obtain or provide information for our Newsletter, please contact
Charlene Dorrian.


If you would be interested in hosting an event at your parish, or if you are planning a formative event to which you would like to invite your fellow chapter members, please contact Mary Beaudoin or Jayne Traynor Rose.


If you have questions or suggestions for this website, please contact our Webmaster, Carol Engle.


Board of Directors

Amy Massey - Interim Director
301-924-3838, ext. 215

Fr. Mateo Ayala, Chaplain

301-948-7545, ext. 229

Mark Kozeal, Treasurer

Joan Laskey, Secretary

Remi Bauer, Membership Coordinator

Amy Massey - Publicity Coordinator
301-924-3838, ext. 215

Mary Beaudoin, Program Coordinator
301-762-2143, ext. 124

Jayne Traynor Rose, Program Coordinator
301-365-1415, ext. 102

Susan DeCamp, Hospitality Coordinator




Carol Engle, Webmaster

Mary Stevens, So.  MD Coordinator

Monique Walton, At-large

Diane Yendrey, At-large

Tom Stehle, Past Director

Charlene Dorrian, Past Director

Henry Bauer, Past Director
301-924-2285, ext. 306



Mailing Address

1218 Duncan Place NE

Washington, DC  20002


Phone Number

301-924-2285, ext. 306